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     AOESNAP(8)                                             AOESNAP(8)

          aoesnap - snapshot a machine's state via AoE

          aoesnap [ -o outputfile ] shelf

          Aoesnap uses AoE to download a snapshot of a machine's
          state.  Snapshots are like Unix core dumps, but allow easy
          debugging on foreign architectures.  The target maybe be
          anywhere on the local Ethernet segment, but it must under-
          stand how to serve AoE snapshots.  Currently, only the
          Coraid VS knows how to serve AoE snapshots.

          Suppose a snapshot is to be taken of VS shelf 199. First the
          VS needs to be configured to serve snapshots and put into
          snapshot mode

               VS-1:199> myshelf 199
               VS199:199> ^Z
               hit almost any key to reboot:

          The snapshot can then be taken running as root

               linux# aoesnap | bzip2>snap.bz2

          cec(8), vblade(8),

          Must be run as root.

          Uncompressed snapshots are large.