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     CONFIG(5)                                               CONFIG(5)

          config - system configuration template files

          These files are used as input by config(8). Except as noted,
          they are kept in /usr/sys/conf.

          Files names the source files that make up the kernel.  Each
          line consists of a filename (relative to /usr/sys) followed
          by some magic words.  For example:

               sys/acct.c     standard

          is a file used by any version of the system;

               dev/uba.c standard device-driver

          is also always used, and contains device register references
          (which may require special compilation hacks);

               dev/ju.c  optional ju device-driver

          is included only if the ju device is expected;

               dev/ttyld.c    optional tty pseudo-device

          is included only if the tty pseudo-device is requested.

          Devices describes possible device drivers, file system han-
          dlers, and line disciplines; the information is used to gen-
          erate handler dispatch tables.  It consists of lines with
          the following blank-separated fields:

               Type of handler: device for character devices, stream-
               device for character stream devices, block-device for
               block devices, file-system for file system handlers,
               line-discipline for line discipline handlers.  If the
               type is preceded by the word `standard' (e.g.  standard
               block-device), the handler is always included; other-
               wise, it is included only if requested.

               Table index: major device number, filesystem type, or
               line discipline number.

               Driver name.  Used in files and conf. Config writes a
               header file name.h for each device; if that device is
               configured, NAME is defined to be the number of devices
               of that type.

               Entry point name.  Used as a prefix for data structure

     CONFIG(5)                                               CONFIG(5)

               and driver entry points.

               Entry points.  For block devices, some of open, close,
               strategy, dump, B_TAPE (the last puts the flag B_TAPE
               in the d_flags entry in the block device switch); for
               character devices, open, close, read, write, ioctl,
               reset. For stream devices and line disciplines, info
               should be specified.  For file system handlers, put,
               get, free, updat, read, write, trunc, stat, nami,
               mount, ioctl.

          As a special case, lines beginning with `:' are copied
          intact to conf.c. This can be used for hacks like

               : int mem_no = 3;   /* major device number of memory
               special file */

          Addenda to files and devices specific to a particular
          machine may be kept in /usr/sys/machine/files and
          /usr/sys/machine/devices.  The addenda are treated as if
          appended to the general files.