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     D202(1)                                                   D202(1)

          d202, daps, dcan, tc - phototypesetter filters

          d202 [ option ] ... [ file ] ...

          e202 [ option ] ... [ file ] ...

          daps [ option ] ... [ file ] ...

          dcan [ option ] ... [ file ] ...

          tc [ option ] ... [ file ] ...

          D202 and its companions print files created by troff(1) on
          various devices:

          d202 Mergenthaler Linotron 202
          e202 same, with half-tone and extra graphics capability
          daps Autologic APS-5 phototypesetter
          dcan Imagen Canon LBP-10 laser printer,
          tc   Tektronix 4014 display

          If no file is mentioned, the standard input is printed.  The
          following options are understood.

          -b   Report whether the typesetter is busy; do not print.

               Print pages whose numbers are given in the comma-
               separated list. The list contains comma-separated num-
               bers N and ranges N1-N2.  A missing N1 means the
               lowest-numbered page, a missing N2 means the highest.

          -sn  Stop after every n pages of output.  (Default 1 on
               4014).  Proceed when the RUN button is pushed on the
               typesetter, (for d202) or newline on the terminal (for

          -t   Direct output to the standard output instead of the
               typesetter.  Don't wait between pages in tc.

          -w   Wait for typesetter to become free, then print.

          -f dir
               Take font information from directory dir instead of the

          -pn  Change default precision of dots to n to use less

     D202(1)                                                   D202(1)

               precious memory.  Dcan only.

          -ar  Set the aspect ratio to r (default r=1.5). Tc only.

          The files for daps should be prepared under the -Taps option
          of troff; dcan and tc are intended as typesetter simulators,
          and can cope with anything.

          While waiting between pages tc accepts !command to insert a
          shell command; +n to skip forward n pages; -n to skip back-
          wards n pages; ar to set the aspect ratio; and ? to print
          the list of available actions.

          /usr/lib/font/dev202/*   202 description files
          /usr/lib/font/devAPS/*   aps-5 description files
          /usr/lib/font/devcan/*   Canon description and raster character files

          troff(1), can(1), proof(9.1), apsend(1)