WWBMAIL(1)                                             WWBMAIL(1)

          wwbmail - send mail to Writer's Workbench development group

          wwbmail [ -p ] [ -flags ][ -ver ]

          Wwbmail sends a user's comments or requests for help
          directly to the Writer's Workbench (WWB) development group.

          The -p option allows the user to bypass the default (inter-
          system mail) and go directly to the procedure for obtaining
          a paper copy of the message.

          The program prints instructions if the user needs them.  The
          instructions are written at a level a casual user can under-

          If wwbmail knows of no electronic mail link between the
          user's system and that of the WWB group, it gives instruc-
          tions on how to print a pre-addressed paper copy of the mes-
          sage to send via regular mail.

          Two options give information about the program:

               -flags print the command synopsis line (see above)
                      showing command flags and options, then exit.

               -ver   print the Writer's Workbench version number of
                      the command, then exit.

          /tmp/$$*             temporary files

          wwbmailtmp           output file containing address and mes-
                               sage for paper copy

          wwbhelp(1), wwbinfo(1), wwb(1).

          COMPONENT NAME:  Writer's Workbench
          APPROVAL AUTHORITY:  Div 452
          STATUS:  Standard
          SUPPLIER:  Dept 45271
          USER INTERFACE:  Stacey Keenan, Dept 45271, PY x3733 .}f