THINKBLT(9.1)                                       THINKBLT(9.1)

          thinkblt, think - print on ThinkJet

          thinkblt [ stream ]

          think [ -o stream ] [ files... ]

          nroff -Tthink ... | think [ -o stream ]

          Thinkblt downloads an interrupt driver for the printer, pro-
          vides a menu of operations for printing various data resid-
          ing in the terminal, and sets up a stream ($HOME/.THINK by
          default) on which think can print data from the host.  It is
          intended to be down-loaded once per terminal session.  Most
          of the menu items are identical to those of blitblt(9.1).
          The remaining ones are:

          print bitmap      prints whatever bitmap is currently
                            selected, in analogy to blitblt(9.1). The
                            widest printable bitmap is 640 pixels

          print mux buffer  prints the mux `snarf' buffer.

          reset printer     sends `<esc>E'.

          While the printer is operating, a different menu allows one
          to abort or pause the print operation.  The printer has a
          fairly large internal buffer, so response may be slow.

          Files on the host may be printed by giving them as arguments
          or standard input to think. When used with nroff, names like
          \('e may be used to access the special characters provided
          by the hardware; see the nroff(1) terminal driving file for
          a complete list.  Both nroff(1) and pr(1) will paginate
          properly if top-of-form is set so that the paper tear is
          aligned flush with the top of the metal clip which holds the

          /usr/jerq/mbin/thinkblt.m - terminal program
          /usr/lib/term/tab.think - nroff descriptor file

          troff(1), pr(1), blitblt(9.1)

          The 5620 ROM program is unable to cope with interrupts from

     THINKBLT(9.1)                                       THINKBLT(9.1)

          the printer; it is therefore necessary to download mux(9.1)
          before powering on the printer.

          Thinkblt substitutes its own interrupt routine for the
          (trivial) one provided by mux(9.1). The latter is restored
          upon exit, but havoc may result if the thinkblt layer is
          simply deleted.

          The special nroff(1) character names are not currently sup-
          ported by any other device.