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     STRING(9.3)                                           STRING(9.3)

          string, defont, strwidth, infont, outfont, getfont - jerq
          text and font operations

          #include <jerq.h>
          #include <font.h>

          Point string(ft, s, b, p, f) Font *ft; char *s; Bitmap *b;
          Point p; Code f;

          extern Font defont;

          int strwidth(ft, s) Font *ft; char *s;

          Font *infont(inch) int (*inch)();

          int outfont(ft, ouch) Font *ft; int (*ouch)();

          void ffree(ft) Font *ft;

          #include <jerqio.h>

          Font *getfont(file) char *file;

          String draws the null-terminated string s using characters
          from font ft in Bitmap b at Point p, with Code f. The return
          value is the location of the first character after s; passed
          to another call to string, the two strings will be concate-
          nated.  The characters are drawn such that the origin point
          of the bounding rectangle of a maximum height character lies
          at p. Therefore, a character drawn on the screen at (0, 0)
          will occupy the upper-leftmost character position on the
          screen.  String draws characters as they are in the font.
          No special action is taken for control characters such as
          tabs or newlines.

          The global defont is the name of the standard font (not a
          pointer to it).

          Strwidth returns the width in pixels of the null-terminated
          string s, interpreted in the Font *ft. The height of a char-
          acter string is simply ft->height.

          Infont creates a font by reading the byte-wise binary repre-
          sentation returned by successive calls to inch. It returns 0
          on error.  Inch must return successive bytes of the Unix
          file representation of the font, and -1 at end-of-file.
          Outfont calls the routine ouch to write successive bytes of

     STRING(9.3)                                           STRING(9.3)

          the binary representation of font ft. It returns -1 on
          error, as must ouch . For programs running under jx, getfont
          returns a pointer to a font read from the named file, essen-
          tially by calling infont with argument routine getc. It
          returns 0 on error.  Ffree frees a font allocated by infont
          or getfont.