RULER(9.1)                                             RULER(9.1)

          ruler - measure things on the screen


          Ruler measures things on a jerq screen.  Press button 1 to
          sweep out a rectangle anywhere on the screen.  For each
          rectangle swept, ruler displays the coordinates of the
          rectangle's corners (labelled `down' and `up'), the size of
          the rectangle and length of its diagonal.

          There is a menu on button 3.  The pixels and chars buttons
          control whether the size and diagonal measurements are in
          pixel or 9x14 character units (the size used by jim(9.1) and
          mux(9.1)). The stop button deactivates ruler without exit-
          ing.  Hitting measure reactivates ruler. Exit exits.

          Ruler's menu must pop up in its own layer, perhaps far away
          from the cursor.