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     PROOF(9.1)                                             PROOF(9.1)

          proof - troff output interpreter for jerq

          proof [ -ffonts ] [ file ]

          Proof reads troff(1) intermediate language output from file
          and displays a simulation of the resulting pages on the
          screen.  If no file name is given and the standard input is
          the terminal, proof terminates immediately leaving a `proof
          layer', otherwise it reads the standard input.  By invoking
          proof in a proof layer you can avoid download time.

          Fonts are loaded as required.  The default font is used for
          unknown fonts.  The font option can be used to preload
          fonts.  Use the names of the fonts relative to
          /usr/jerq/font separated by commas.  The most-used fonts are

          After a layer's worth of text is displayed, proof pauses for
          a command.  Commands may come from the host, the keyboard,
          or the button 3 menu.  The typed versions of commands are:

               Go on to next portion of text.  (Button 3 equivalent:

          q    Quit, leaving a proof layer.

          x    Exit and restart the regular terminal program.  (Equiv-
               alent to `q' followed by jterm(9.1).)

          pn   Print page n. An out-of-bounds page number means the
               end nearer to that number; a missing number means page
               0; a signed number means an offset to the current page.

          Button 1 gets a scroll box, which represents a full page of
          text.  An interior rectangle shows what part of the page is
          now visible.  The interior rectangle moves with the mouse,
          causing the layer to scroll both vertically and horizon-
          tally.  Button 2 gets a speedometer.  The bar of the
          speedometer moves with the mouse to control the rate at
          which new information is displayed.

          /usr/jerq/font/*         fonts
          /usr/jerq/font/.missing  list of referenced but unconverted

     PROOF(9.1)                                             PROOF(9.1)

          d202(1), font(7)
          `A Typesetter-independent Troff,' Brian W. Kernighan

          There is a maximum number of fonts (currently 50) that can
          be loaded at once.
          Windowing can get confused if the troff ouput is not approx-
          imately sorted in ascending y-order.
          A proof layer imitates term 33(9.1), not mux(9.1).