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     PEN(9.6)                                                 PEN(9.6)

          pen - doodle anywhere on the screen


          Pen writes on the screen with smooth strokes.  It can scrib-
          ble on layers or on the background, even while other pro-
          grams are running.  It can be used to make drawings, marks
          or annotations, or to highlight regions in a crowded screen.
          Pen never needs refilling.

          To write, press mouse button 1 and keep it pressed while
          moving the mouse. To move around without writing, release
          the button.  Button 3 controls a menu to stop drawing
          (allowing one to resume normal activities), resume drawing,
          clean up, or exit the program.

          When drawing too fast, the pen can temporarily run out of
          ink; when this happens release button 1 and press it again.
          To avoid this problem, make the pen layer bigger (that is
          where the ink supply is kept).