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     PADS(9.5)                                               PADS(9.5)

          pads - user interface package

          Pads is a user interface package for browser-like applica-
          tions.  Interaction with its multiple windows is modeled
          after jim(9.1).

          The left button points.  Pointing at a window makes it cur-
          rent, with a heavy border; pointing at a line makes it cur-
          rent, inverts its video, and moves it to the middle of the
          window.  The scroll bar at the left of each window shows how
          much of the text of a window is visible; pointing into the
          scroll region controls what text is displayed.  The middle
          button menu has operations that apply to the current line.
          Operations above the ~~~~~ separator are specific to each
          line; operations below the separator are generic line opera-

          cut    removes the line.

          sever  removes the line and all lines above it.

          fold   folds a line that is wider than its window, so all of
                 it appears.

                 truncates a wide line at the right, so it occupies
                 only one physical line.

          The right button menu has window-level operations, and is in
          three parts.  Below the lower separator is a list of all the
          available windows; selecting one makes it current.  They
          appear in front-to-back screen order, current at the top.
          Operations above the upper separator are specific to each
          window; operations between the separators are generic window

          reshape, move, close
                         the usual.

          fold, truncate apply to all the lines in the window.

          Keyboard characters accumulate at the bottom of the layer.
          If the current line accepts input, it flashes with each
          keystroke; otherwise, if the current window accepts input,
          its border flashes.  Carriage return is ignored until a line
          or window accepts the text, whereupon the input line is sent

     PADS(9.5)                                               PADS(9.5)

          to the line or window.  The ESC key substitutes the mux(9.1)
          global snarf buffer.  If the first character of a line from
          the keyboard is <, the remainder is interpreted as a shell
          command; each line of its standard output is sent to the
          line or window.  Each line or window that accepts keyboard
          input produces some help in response to ?.

          Cursor Icons

                         the host is completing an operation; the ter-
                         minal is ready asynchronously.

          exclamation mark
                         confirm a dangerous menu selection by press-
                         ing that menu's button again.

          The Hard Part
          Remember that the middle button operates on lines and the
          right button operates on windows.  In many cases, both menus
          are useful, but you can see only one at a time.

          Pads Programming Guide by T. A. Cargill