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     MUGS(9.1)                                               MUGS(9.1)

          mugs - convert gray-scale pictures into icons

          mugs picture ...

          Mugs is an interactive program for converting gray-scale
          images (usually scanned-in photographs) into the 48×48 icons
          used by vismon(9.1) and other programs.  After digesting the
          first picture file, mugs will display an approximation to
          the original picture, a vertical slider-bar and a 48×48
          icon.  Hitting button 1 in the slider-bar and sliding verti-
          cally adjusts the low and high points of values of the 48×48
          image.  Button 2 adjusts the low and high values simultane-
          ously (i.e. it changes the brightness without disturbing the
          contrast.)  Button 3 presents a menu with entries:

               Select a square window in the original picture using
               button 3.  Touch down at the center of the square and
               slide around to adjust its size.

          save Type in the name of a file in which to save the cur-
               rently displayed 48×48 icon.

          next Move on to the next picture mentioned on the command

          exit Confirm with button 3.

          /usr/jerq/mbin/mugsterm.m     terminal program

          The format of mugs's input files is largely undocumented.
          Among other things, it will accept files containing an array
          of one-byte pixels of dimensions 480x512, 486x512, 488x512,
          496x512, 497x512, 512x512, 2047x2048 or 2048x2048.