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     ICON(9.1)                                               ICON(9.1)

          icon - icon editor


          Icon is a pixel-level editor for textures and small bitmaps.
          Icon's layer has in the lower right a magnified grid, where
          each square represents a pixel, and in the upper left the
          image in real size.  Editing is done on the magnified grid.
          Pixels can be turned black by pressing the left mouse but-
          ton, and can be turned white by pressing the middle button.
          Many of the command icons require a rectangle to be swept;
          this is done either by the middle button (which supplies a
          fixed 16×16 rectangle) or by the right button (for rectan-
          gles of any size).

          arrow     Move region (sweep rectangle and click at destina-

          overlapping regions
                    Copy region (sweep rectangle and click at destina-

          cross     Invert region (sweep rectangle).

          eraser    Erase region (sweep rectangle).

          horizontal (vertical) folded arrow
                    Reflect region horizontally (vertically) (sweep

          deasil (withershins) arrow
                    Rotate region deasil (withershins) (sweep rectan-

          horizontal (vertical) sheared lines
                    Shear a region horizontally (vertically) (sweep
                    rectangle and point at destination of nearest cor-
                    ner of rectangle).

          scaled square
                    Scale a region (sweep rectangle and sweep destina-
                    tion rectangle).

          tweed pattern
                    Texture a region (sweep source rectangle and a
                    (bigger) destination rectangle to be tiled with
                    copies of the source).

     ICON(9.1)                                               ICON(9.1)

          glasses   Read file (type file name and position the icon by
                    clicking).  The subdirectories of /usr/jerq/icon/
                    are searched automatically after the current

          grid      Switch on or off the background grids.

          extend region
                    Change the size of the drawing area.

          pen       Write file (sweep rectangle and type file name).
                    See bitfile(9.5) for the format.

          overlapping rectangles
                    Bitblt region (driven by submenus on the right

          mouse     Pick up a 16×16 rectangle and make it the current
                    cursor (click a button to pick up a 16×16 region,
                    and click again to revert to normal).

          help      Display help information (click a button to revert
                    to normal).

          band-aid  Undo last drawing operation.

          /usr/jerq/mbin/icon.m - terminal program