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     CRABS(9.6)                                             CRABS(9.6)

          crabs - graphical marine adventure game

          crabs [ -i ] [ -s duration ] [ -v velocity ] [ number ]

          In crabs, difficult situations are encountered in trying to
          kill or capture crustaceans swarming in a murky sea.  You
          will have to work very rapidly to keep your territory free
          of seabed intruders.  At first, you may even find it hard to
          keep a clear view of your surroundings, but later discover-
          ies about the spirit of the game will suggest a solution.

          There are several options.

          -i   causes the intruders to play intelligently, allowing
               them to avoid detection.

          -s   simplifies the game for the first duration time inter-
               vals.  Default is 0.  5-10 is recommended for begin-
               ners, although you may want to forgo this option the
               first time, just to see how interesting it can get.

          -v   adjusts the velocity of the crabs, 1 being fastest.
               Default is 5.

          Number specifies the number of intruders.  Default is 30.

          /usr/jerq/mbin/crabs.m - terminal program

          Can be frustrating.