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     CIP(9.1)                                                 CIP(9.1)

          cip - picture drawing program


          Cip is an interactive drawing program that writes pic(1)
          input files.  It provides a pallette of pic shapes (box,
          circle, ellipse, line, arc, spline, and text) for drawing
          and editing pictures on a screen.  There is a macro facility
          for treating a collection of drawn shapes as a single
          entity.  The mouse provides positional information.  The
          buttons invoke drawing, editing, and command functions.  The
          keyboard is used only for typing in text strings and file-
          names.  The pictures are saved as pic descriptions, and can
          be included with text, tables, and equations as input to
          troff. Existing pic descriptions of pictures can be dis-
          played and edited as well.

          Cip relies on the host machine only for file transfers.  If
          the host crashes while you are creating or modifying a pic-
          ture, there is no way to save the picture.

          /usr/jerq/mbin/cip.m - terminal program

          pic(1), ped(9.1)
          Sally A. Browning, Cip User's Manual: One Picture is Worth a
          Thousand Words.