BLITMAP(9.1)                 (seki)                  BLITMAP(9.1)

          blitmap - map plots and path finding on a jerq

          blitmap [ options ]

          Blitmap displays maps on the jerq terminal.  It relies on
          the mouse to select regions, functions, and to give formats
          for typed commands.  The metropolitan N.Y.-N.J. area is the
          default map.  Blitmap's screen consists of two frames, a
          large frame for plotting maps and printing messages to the
          user, and a one-line command frame at the bottom.  Blitmap
          recognizes two commands from the keyboard, to designate a
          region and to scale or plot a route from one point to
          another.  A command may be typed at any time.

          Button 3 24072.if 336.sp40u
               Select which region to plot.  Available regions are San
               Francisco, New York City and North Jersey, Washington,
               Los Angeles and Ann Arbor.

               Using button 3 and the box icon, enclose the area
               desired and blitmap will plot a map of that area cen-
               tered at the center of the drawn rectangle.

               Enclose an area with a rectangle and the map shown will
               be reduced to the rectangle size and the rest of the
               map filled in.  The center will be at the center of the
               drawn rectangle.

               With button 3 point to new center.  The radius will
               remain the same.

          Prev. map
               Blitmap plots the previous frame.

          To draw map
               Gives the format of the command the user types to plot
               a map.

          To find path
               Gives the format of the command the user types to find
               a path.

          Quit Must be confirmed

     BLITMAP(9.1)                 (seki)                  BLITMAP(9.1)

          Button 2
          Button 2 controls map editing functions.  No editing is
          actually done, but by using the -f option, a file of changes
          will be written, which may be added to the actual database.


          [-options ...] radius address[,town or zip]
               Blitmap plots an area with the given radius in miles
               around the address.

          path [-options ...] from address to address[,town or zip]
               A  route is outlined on a map and printed directions
               are given from point to point.

          Address may be a number and street or an intersection such
          as, `main and 10th' or `600 Mountain av,new providence.'
          The options specify the algorithm of the path search and
          plotting choices. The plotting options may be used with both

          Path finding options

          -2   Two ended search (default).
          -1   One way search.
          -b   Breadth search.
          -C   Cyclists - ignore costs for turns.
          -F   Stop at first route connect with breadth search.
          -H   Hierarchical search.(Give priority to database with
               major roads.)
          -G   In breadth search, ignore ones whose cost + dist >4/3
               total airline distance.
          -J   Use precomputed routes. (Available from 600 mountain
               av,New Providence.)
          -V   Verbose directions (all intersections given).
          -W   Walkers - no cost for turns and ignore one-way streets.

          Plotting options

          -A   Print every possible label.
          -B   Print business names.
          -MIx Forces a detailed street plot for maps whose radius is
               greater than 10,000 ft.
          -b   Don't print boundaries.
          -ix  Plot only streets with importance >x; x=0 is default.
          -j   Do sketch map only.
          -l   Don't print labels.
          -r   Don't print railroads.
          -s   Don't print streets.
          -w   Don't print waterways.


     BLITMAP(9.1)                 (seki)                  BLITMAP(9.1)

          /n/seki/usr/rje/BLIT/term/term     terminal support program
          /n/seki/m?/map/*                  map files

          Since the data bases have not been checked and many streets
          are not connected, some paths may be circuitous.  There are
          no connecting roads from N.J into N.Y or from Middlesex
          county into Union. The routing programs will churn, trying
          to find a through street and will not give up. There are no
          one-way street tags on the streets.  Blitmap does not know
          if it has been reshaped.