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     BLITBLT(9.1)                                         BLITBLT(9.1)

          blitblt - make hard copy of screen image

          blitblt [ -p command ]

          Blitblt copies part or all of a jerq screen into a file or
          down a pipe to a printer daemon.  The program is menu driven
          off button 3 as follows:

          choose layer     A bull's eye cursor appears.  Clicking but-
                           ton 3 with the cursor inside a layer (cf.
                           3pi(9.1)) selects it for subsequent manipu-

          layer interior   As above, but the border surrounding the
                           layer is not included.

          flip border      The border is changed from narrow to wide
                           (or vice versa) in the selected layer or

          reverse video    The video is inverted in the selected layer
                           or rectangle.

          run/halt         The terminal process in the selected layer
                           is continued or halted.  This menu entry
                           changes with the layer's status.

          sweep rectangle  A rectangle cursor appears.  The rectangle
                           swept out on button 3 becomes the selected

          whole screen     The entire screen, including border areas,
                           but excluding the blitblt layer itself, is

          write file       The portion of the screen previously
                           selected and prepared is written into a
                           file or pipe. The filename is typed in
                           answer to a prompt appearing at the bottom
                           of the blitblt layer.  Hitting return
                           selects the (default) name in parentheses.
                           If the first character typed is a `|' (pipe
                           symbol), the remainder of the line is taken
                           as a shell command which will read the bit-
                           map on its standard input.

          | command        The selected portion of the screen is sent

     BLITBLT(9.1)                                         BLITBLT(9.1)

                           to the command specified by the -p option
                           (default bcan.)

          exit             Must be confirmed by clicking button 3 in
                           response to the skull cursor.

          /usr/jerq/mbin/blitblt.m - terminal program

          can(1), bitfile(9.5)

          Moving layers (e.g. clocks) result in broken images.  Use
          the halt function.
          If a pipe request fails, the blitblt layer becomes unusable.