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     3CC(9.1)                                                 3CC(9.1)

          3cc, 3as, 3ar, 3nm, 3size, 3strip, cprs - MAC-32 C compiler
          for 5620

          3cc [ option ] ... file ...

          cprs infile outfile

          3cc is the C compiler for the MAC-32 microprocessor in the
          Teletype DMD-5620 terminal.  Its default action is to com-
          pile programs to run under the mux(9.1) environment.

          The behavior of 3cc is similar to cc(1); here are listed
          only the capabilities peculiar to 5620s.

          The following 5620-specific options are interpreted by 3cc.

          -J   Compile the named programs, and link them for running
               stand-alone on a 5620 terminal.

          -m   Compile the named programs for ordinary (non-jerq)

          -O   Invoke an object-code improver (not recommended).

               Define the name to the preprocessor, as if by
               `#define'.  If no definition is given, the name is
               defined as "1".  The symbol MUX is predefined unless -J
               or -m is set.

               `#include' files whose names do not begin with `/' are
               always sought first in the directory of the file argu-
               ment, then in directories named in -I options, then in
               directories on a standard list, which includes

          Associated object-code manipulating programs exist, with
          specifications identical to the usual Unix programs with
          names prefixed `3'.  The loader, assembler and archive pro-
          gram are System V derivatives, and are slightly different in
          behavior; see the System V manuals.  For typical users,
          these differences are irrelevant.  The support programs

          3as          assembler, see as(1)

     3CC(9.1)                                                 3CC(9.1)

          3ar          archive, see ar(1) (there is no 3ranlib)
          3nm          name list, see nm(1); doesn't work on archives
          3size        object code size, see size(1)
          3strip       symbol table, see strip(1). (-r is mandatory
                       for mux-runnable binaries.)

          3strip has no -g flag; but cprs removes redundant symbol
          table entries while copying infile to outfile.

          a.out                    loaded output
          /tmp/ctm?                temporary
          /lib/cpp                 preprocessor
          /usr/jerq/lib/m32/comp   compiler
          /usr/jerq/lib/m32/optim  optimizer
          /usr/jerq/lib/*.o        runtime startoff, etc.
          /usr/jerq/lib/libc.a     standard library
          /usr/jerq/lib/libj.a     stand-alone graphics library
          /usr/jerq/lib/libmj.a    mux-runnable graphics library (default)
          /usr/jerq/lib/muxmap     loader I-file
          /usr/jerq/include        standard directory for `#include' files

          System V manuals for 3ar, 3ld, 3as and cprs documentation.