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     32LD(9.1)                                               32LD(9.1)

          32ld - bootstrap loader for 5620

          32ld [ option ... ] file [ arguments ]

          32ld loads the named file for execution in the 5620 con-
          nected to its standard output.  If running under mux(9.1),
          the arguments are passed, as in Unix, to the program.  File
          must be a MAC-32 object file.  32ld does all necessary boot-
          strap and protocol procedures.  There are several options.

          -d   prints on the diagnostic output (which must be sepa-
               rated from the standard output to avoid corrupting the
               down-load) the sizes of the text, data and bss portions
               of file.

          -p   prints down-loading protocol statistics on the diagnos-
               tic output (for stand-alone loads only).

          -r   causes file to be relocated to an address established
               by a separate protocol during bootstrap.  It is invoked
               automatically when loading a process into mux(9.1), and
               usually need not be set explicitly.

          -z   loads the process but doesn't run it, so it must be
               started using 3pi(9.1). It works only under mux(9.1).

          The environment variable JPATH is the analog of the shell's
          PATH variable to define a set of directories in which to
          search for file.

          jx(9.1), mux(9.1)