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     VMSTAT(8)                                               VMSTAT(8)

          vmstat - report virtual memory statistics

          vmstat [ -fs ] [ interval [ count ] ]

          Vmstat normally reports certain statistics kept about pro-
          cess, virtual memory, disk, trap and cpu activity.  Option
          -f reports on forks since system startup and the number of
          pages of virtual memory involved.  Option -s reports on pag-
          ing events since boot.

          In the absence of other options, the optional interval argu-
          ment causes vmstat to report once each interval seconds,
          repeated count times or forever.

          The default format fields are:

          Procs: information about numbers of processes in various
          R    in run queue
          B    blocked for resources (i/o, paging, etc.)
          W    runnable or short sleeper (< 20 secs) but swapped

          Memory: usage of virtual and real memory.  `Active' virtual
          pages belong oto processes that have run in the last 20 sec-
          AVM  active virtual pages
          FRE  size of the free list

          Page: paging activity, averaged each five seconds, and given
          in units per second.
          RE   page reclaims (simulating reference bits)
          PI   page-in events
          PO   page-out events
          FR   pages freed per second
          DE   anticipated short term memory shortfall
          SR   scan rate: pageout daemon rpm

          Disk: operations per second.  Typically paging is split
          across several drives.  The drive names are ephemeral: ask a

          Faults: trap/interrupt rate averages per second over last 5
          IN   (non clock) device interrupts per second
          SY   system calls per second
          PD   pseudo-dma interrupts on DZ
          CS   cpu context switch rate (switches/sec)

     VMSTAT(8)                                               VMSTAT(8)

          Cpu: breakdown of percentage usage of CPU time
          US   user time for normal and low priority processes
          SY   system time
          ID   cpu idle

          /dev/kmem, /unix