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     UUXQT(8)                                                 UUXQT(8)

          uuxqt  - execute remote command requests

          /usr/lib/uucp/uuxqt [ -s system ] [ -x debug_level ]

          Uuxqt executes remote command requests generated by uux(1).
          It searches the uucp spool directories looking for filenames
          starting with X, checks to see that all required data files
          are available and accessible and that the requested command
          is permitted for the requesting system, and invokes the com-
          mand if all is well.  The Permissions file is used to vali-
          date file accessibility and command execution permission.

          Before the command is invoked, the environment variable
          UU_MACHINE is set to the name of the machine that sent the
          job (the previous one); UU_USER is the user that sent the
          job.  These can be used in writing remote commands that pro-
          vide information, auditing, or restrictions.  PATH is set to
          /bin:/usr/bin; USER is set to uucp . The file creation mask
          (umask (2)) is set to 0.

          A limited number of copies of uuxqt are allowed to exist at
          a given time; the number lives in the file


          uucp(1), uux(1), uucico(8), uustat(1)