UUCICO(8)                                               UUCICO(8)

          uucico  - file transport program for the uucp system

          /usr/lib/uucp/uucico [ -r1 -s system_name ] [ -x debug_level
          ] [ -d spool_directory ]
          /usr/lib/uucp/kick system
          /usr/lib/uucp/debug system

          Uucico transfers files between systems for uucp(1). It is
          normally invoked by login for an incoming connection (a
          slave), or by uusched(8) to call out to another system (a

          The -r1 option causes it to act as a master.  In this case,
          -s must be given to name the system to be called.  If -r1 is
          not present, uucico goes into slave mode, and assumes that a
          master will talk to it on standard input and output.

          -x turns on debugging output; debug_level is a single digit.
          Larger numbers request greater loquaciousness.

          Kick invokes uucico in the background to call out to the
          specified system. Debug causes a call with a moderate amount
          of debugging output (-x4).  Both attempt to remove existing
          system status information for system, so that a call will be
          attempted regardless of recent failures.


          uucp(1), uustat(1), uusched(8)