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     SHOWQ(8)                                                 SHOWQ(8)

          showq - state of stream I/O system

          /etc/showq [ -v -V -s -m ] [ system ] [ mem ]

          Showq reports connectivity and contents of I/O streams.  By
          default, it lists the maximum number of stream blocks (of
          various sizes) ever used, then each stream and the queue
          modules in each stream, and then blocks that are unaccounted
          for (not on any queue or the free list).

          By default, the system namelist is /unix and the place the
          streams are kept is /dev/mem.

          These flags are understood:

          -v   Verbose.  Show more, in particular the contents of data
               and control blocks on each queue.

          -V   Very verbose.  Show all blocks on every queue instead
               of giving up after a while.

          -s   Silent.  Examine queues for consistency, printing only
               a summary.

          -m   Missing.  Show the contents of missing blocks.  (Per-
               haps this will give a clue about who lost them.)

          /unix, /dev/mem