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     SAVECORE(8)                                           SAVECORE(8)

          savecore - save a core dump of the operating system

          /etc/savecore dirname [ unix ]

          Savecore saves a copy of the physical memory of the operat-
          ing system, saved after a system crash.  It is meant to be
          called from rc(8) after normal filesystems are mounted.

          Savecore checks the core dump to be certain it corresponds
          with the named unix (default `/unix').  If it does it saves
          the core image in the file dirname/core.n and its sibling,
          the namelist, in dirname/unix.n.  The trailing `.n' in the
          pathnames is replaced by a number stored in dirname/bounds
          which grows every time savecore is run with the same dirname

          Before savecore writes out a core image, it reads a number
          from the file dirname/minfree. If there are fewer free kilo-
          bytes on the filesystem which contains dirname than the num-
          ber obtained from the minfree file, the core dump is not
          done.  If the minfree file does not exist, savecore always
          writes out the core file (assuming that a core dump was

          /unix                 current unix binary
                                dirname/bounds        numerical suffix
                                dirname/minfree       minimum free kilobytes required