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     RC(8)                                                       RC(8)

          rc - boot script


          Rc is the command script invoked by init(8) to control
          reboots.  During an automatic reboot, rc is invoked with the
          argument autoboot; typically this invokes /etc/fsck -p to
          repair minor filesystem inconsistencies.  If rc exits with
          an unsuccessful status, init stops in single-user mode; oth-
          erwise it proceeds to multi-user.

          When the system enters multi-user mode, either during an
          auto-reboot or after the single-user shell terminates, rc is
          invoked without arguments.  This usually causes it to mount
          filesystems, start daemons, clear /tmp, and perform other
          housekeeping.  If this call to rc exits unsuccessfully, init
          reverts to single-user mode.

          init(8), reboot(8)