MKFS(8)                                                   MKFS(8)

          mkfs, mkbitfs, mklost+found - construct a file system

          /etc/mkfs special size

          /etc/mkbitfs special size


          Mkfs (mkbitfs) constructs a regular (bitmapped) file system
          by writing on the special file special. Size is the number
          of 1K (4K) blocks on the special file.  The resulting file
          system has a single empty directory.  The number of i-nodes
          is calculated as a function of the filesystem size.

          Immediately after creating a file system, mklost+found
          should be run to create a repository for disconnected files
          recovered by fsck(8). If the special file is /dev/disk and
          its mount point /mnt, mklost+found works as follows:

               /etc/mount /dev/disk /mnt
               cd /mnt

          Mkfs (only) also has capabilities for assembling a prototype
          file system, but this code has not been exercised in years.

          filsys(5), fsck(8)

          There should be some way to specify bad blocks.
          Mkfs and mkbitfs should make lost+found automatically.