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     LDPCS(8)                  (VAX-11/750)                   LDPCS(8)

          ldpcs - load comet microcode

          /etc/ldpcs [ -f ] [ -v ] pcsfile

          Ldpcs loads microcode from pcsfile into the VAX-11/750
          patchable control store.  Normally, the system ID is checked
          to see that the system is a 750 and that its base microcode
          revision level is appropriately high; the -f option removes
          the checks.  The -v option causes the microcode version num-
          ber to be printed after loading.

          Ldpcs is conventionally invoked from /etc/rc to load the
          most recent DEC microcode patches from /etc/pcs750.bin.


          Calling ldpcs is a good idea, but it is not mandatory; the
          system will run without the patches.