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     GETTY(8)                                                 GETTY(8)

          getty  - set terminal mode

          /etc/getty [ char ]

          Getty is invoked by init(8) immediately after a terminal is
          opened, following the making of a connection.  While reading
          the user's name getty attempts to adapt the system to the
          speed and type of terminal being used.

          Init calls getty with an argument specified by the /etc/ttys
          file entry for the terminal line.  The argument char deter-
          mines the line speed and other characteristics; see below.
          Getty then types a banner identifying the system (from
          /etc/whoami) and the `login:' message.  Then the user's name
          is read, a character at a time.  If a null character is
          received, it is assumed to be the result of the user pushing
          the `break' (`interrupt') key.  The speed is then changed to
          1200 baud and the `login:' is typed again; a second `break'
          changes the speed to 150 baud and the `login:' is typed
          again.  Successive `break' characters cycle through the
          speeds 300, 1200, and 150 baud.

          The user's name is terminated by a new-line or carriage-
          return character.  The latter results in the system being
          set to treat carriage returns appropriately (see ioctl(2)).

          Finally, login(8) is called with the user's name as argu-

          Here are the possible values for char. If more than one
          speed is given, the first speed is used initially; others
          are selected by successive depressions of the BREAK key.
          Other things, like delays and tab expansion, are set in var-
          ious ways as well.

          char speed
          0    300-1200-150-110
          2    9600
          3    1200-300
          4    300
          5    300-1200
          6    2400
          7    4800
          8    9600-300
          9    300-9600
          j    exta (usually 19200)

     GETTY(8)                                                 GETTY(8)

          init(8), login(8), ioctl(2), ttys(5)