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     FINDDEV(8)                                             FINDDEV(8)

          finddev - find processes using a device

          /etc/finddev [ pid ] ...  [ file ] ...

          When invoked without arguments, finddev prints the number of
          every process and a description of each file referred to by
          that process.  Giving one or more process numbers restricts
          finddev's attention to those processes.

          If file arguments appear, finddev prints only the process
          numbers of those processes that refer to files in the argu-
          ment list.  If an argument file is an ordinary file, charac-
          ter special file, or directory, the process must refer to
          that file to be counted.  If an argument is a block special
          file containing a mounted file system, a process will be
          counted if it refers to any file on that file system.

          To see details of all processes referring to, say, the con-
          sole, try:

               finddev `finddev /dev/console`

          Finddev has no special privileges.  To use it, the user must
          have permission to read /dev/mem.