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     DMESG(8)                                                 DMESG(8)

          dmesg - system diagnostic messages

          /etc/dmesg [ - ] [ -i ] [ core namelist ]

          Dmesg looks in a system buffer for recent kernel diagnostic
          messages and reproduces them on the standard output.  If the
          - flag is given, dmesg produces only those messages printed
          by the system since the last time `dmesg -' was run.  This
          can be used with cron(8) to produce the error log
          /usr/adm/messages by running the command

               /etc/dmesg - >> /usr/adm/messages


          If -i is given, messages produced since the last dmesg - are
          printed; the memory of which messages have been recorded is
          not changed.

          If core and namelist are specified, they are used in place
          of /dev/kmem and /unix.

          /usr/adm/messages   error log
          /usr/adm/msgbuf     scratch file for memory of - option

          Since the system error message buffer is of small finite
          size, not all error messages are guaranteed to be logged.

          Error diagnostics generated immediately before a system
          crash cannot be logged.