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     ARFF(8)                                                   ARFF(8)

          arff - read RT11 files

          arff [ key ] [ name ... ]

          Arff saves and restores files from an RT11 volume, such as
          the VAX console floppy or tape.  Its actions are controlled
          by the key argument.  The key is a string of characters con-
          taining at most one function letter and possibly one or more
          function modifiers.  Other arguments to the command are file
          names specifying which files are to be dumped or restored.

          RT11 filenames must be chosen from the character set
          a-z0-9..  Unix filenames are trimmed to the last pathname
          element; upper-case letters are folded to lower-case.

          The key must include one of the following letters:

          r    The named files are replaced where found in the RT11
               volume, or added taking up the minimal possible portion
               of the first empty spot.

          x    The named files are extracted from the RT11 volume.

          d    The named files are deleted from the volume.  The
               resulting empty spots are coalesced where possible.

          t    A table of contents for the RT11 volume is printed.  If
               filenames are given, they are echoed if found.

          The following modifiers may be added to the key:

          v    Normally arff does its work silently.  The v (verbose)
               option causes it to type the name of each file it
               treats preceded by the function letter.  With the t
               function, v gives more information about the file than
               just the name.

          f    causes arff to use the next argument as the name of the
               archive instead of /dev/floppy.

          m    causes arff not to use the mapping algorithm employed
               in interleaving sectors around a floppy disk.  In con-
               junction with the f option it may be used for extract-
               ing files from non-floppy sources, such as the VAX-
               11/750 console cassette.


     ARFF(8)                                                   ARFF(8)


          Keith Sklower, Richard Tuck

          Floppy errors are handled ungracefully.
          The program is too floppy-dependent.  Mapping belongs in the
          device driver, or at least shouldn't be the default.