WEATHER(7)                   (alice)                   WEATHER(7)

          weather - conditions and forecast by town

          weather [ -h ] [ -m ]

          Weather reports current weather conditions and a forecast
          for towns in the contiguous United States.  It reads town
          names from the standard input, one per line.  Each input
          line should be of the form

               walla walla, wa

          where the state is given as the 2-letter Post Office abbre-

          The information provided is the temperature, humidity,
          whether or not it is raining or snowing, and an indication
          of cloudiness and visibility if it is not.  If the wind is
          above 10 knots the wind speed and direction are given.  Up
          to three forecasts are given (assuming they can be found
          within a 4x4 degree latitude-longitude square): a forecast
          of high and low temperatures plus probability of precipita-
          tion taken from some numerical model of the atmosphere, a
          general area forecast and a marine forecast (if near the
          coast and if the -m argument is given).

          To just get a local forecast, the command weather -h is
          equivalent to weather followed by a single input line of
          Murray Hill, NJ.

          Not all the available information is used yet: we hope cumu-
          lative precipitation will be added, and additional forecasts
          will be included.