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     MCS(7)                                                     MCS(7)

          mcs - macros for formatting cover sheets

          troff -mcs file ...

          The -mcs macro package defines macros for use with troff to
          generate a document cover sheet.  These macros need the -ms

          Following is a summary of the -mcs macros and argument list
          with a brief description of each macro; explanations are
          provided as needed.  Macros marked with * are mandatory; all
          other macros are optional.  Optional arguments are enclosed
          in square brackets.  The macros must be used in the order

          Request                    Explanation

          * .TI                      Title text follows
          * .AH name loc dept ext rm Author
          * .SA                      Begin Abstract
          * .SE                      End Abstract
            .KW [k1] ... [k9]        Keywords
          * .MT type software        Memo Type (TM, IM, TC), software
                                     related (`y') (Technical Memoran-
                                     dum, Internal Memorandum, Techni-
                                     cal Correspondence)
          * .NU org-date-seq filing_case work_project
                                     Document Number, default
                                     work_project is that of 1127
            .MY [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y]
                                     Mercury Code, positional argu-
                                     ments, max=3 1 = Chemistry &
                                     Materials, 2 = Communications, 3
                                     = Computing, 4 = Electronics, 5 =
                                     Life Sciences, 6 = Math & Statis-
                                     tics, 7 = Physics
            .PR [BR]                 Proprietary Marking - default
                                     ATT-BL Proprietary, BR=restricted
            .GS                      Government Security
          * .CI code                 CI-II Review `y' = CONTAINS CI-II
                                     info; MAY NOT be distributed to
                                     AT&T-IS `n' = DOES NOT CONTAIN
                                     CI-II info; MAY be distributed to
            .CO [y]                  Complete Copy Distribution List
                                     follows, `y' = 1127 default
            .CE                      End distribution lists

     MCS(7)                                                     MCS(7)

            .CV [y]                  Cover Sheet Only Distribution
                                     List follows, `y' = 1127 default
          * .SC pgs oth fig tab ref  Cover Sheet


          docgen(1), ms(7), sendcover(1)

          Footnotes in abstracts do not work.