SNAKE(6)                                                 SNAKE(6)

          snake, worm - display chase games



          Snake must be played on a HP2621 terminal or equivalent.
          The object of the game is to make as much money as possible
          without getting eaten by the snake.

          You are represented on the screen by an I.  The snake is 6
          squares long and is represented by S's.  The money is $, and
          an exit is #.  Your score is posted in the upper left hand

          You can move around using h, j, k, and l keys for left, up,
          down, and right.  To earn money, move to the same square the
          money is on.  A new $ will appear when you earn the current
          one.  As you get richer, the snake gets hungrier.  To leave
          the game, move to the exit (#).  a

          Worm also requires a 2621-compatible terminal.  Once
          started, with h, j, k, l keys as for snake, the worm moves
          forward unless directed otherwise.  The object is to collect
          points displayed on the screen without running into the wall
          or any part of the worm itself.  The points are added to the
          worms length.