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     BOGGLE(6)                                               BOGGLE(6)

          boggle, hangman, scrabble - word games

          /usr/games/boggle [ + ] [ ++ ] [ word word word word ]

          /usr/games/hangman [ arg ]

          Boggle provides practice for the Parker Brothers game.  If
          invoked with 4 arguments of 4 letters each, the program
          forms the obvious Boggle grid and lists all the words from
          /usr/dict/words found therein.  If invoked without argu-
          ments, it will generate a board, let you enter words for 3
          minutes, and then tell how well you did relative to
          /usr/dict/words.  Words may be formed from any sequence of 3
          or more adjacent letters in the grid.  Letters may join hor-
          izontally, vertically, or diagonally.  However, no position
          in the grid may be used more than once within any one word.
          In competitive play amongst humans, each player is given
          credit for those of his words which no other player has

          Enter your words separated by spaces, tabs, or newlines.  A
          bell will ring when there is 2:00, 1:00, 0:10, 0:02, 0:01,
          and 0:00 time left.  You may complete any word started
          before the expiration of time.  You can surrender before
          time is up by hitting interrrupt.  While entering words,
          your erase character is only effective within the current
          word and your line kill character is ignored.

          Option + removes the restriction that positions can only be
          used once in each word.  Option ++ causes a position to be
          considered adjacent to itself as well as to its (at most) 8

          Scrabble plays the Selchow and Righter game on a  cursor-
          addressed terminal against a single opponent.  To place a
          letter first move the cursor by typing 2, 4, 6, 8 for down,
          left, right, up respectively (1, 3, 7, 9 are diagonals) then
          type the letter in place.  Type `?' to cycle through a set
          of helpfule tables.

          Hangman chooses a word at least seven letters long from a
          dictionary.  You then guess letters one at a time.

          The optional argument arg names an alternate dictionary.
          The special name `-a' gets a particular very large dictio-

     BOGGLE(6)                                               BOGGLE(6)

          /usr/dict/web2  alternate dictionary for hangman

          Hangman runs hyphenated compounds together.
          Scrabble rubs in its brilliance with merciless play and an
          inhumane interface.