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     VIEW2D(5)                                               VIEW2D(5)

          view2d - movie of a function f(x, y, t)

          Files of this format are produced by view2d(3), and dis-
          played by commands in view2d(1). A movie file consists of
          one or more frames, each consisting of a header and a
          sequence of 16-bit signed integer values for each pixel,
          scanned left to right and bottom to top.  (Left-to-right is
          the inner loop.)

          The header consists of the 32-bit magic number 0135246, then
          eight 16-bit integers:

          VER  is the version number, currently 3.

          NX, NY
               specify the number of pixels in the frame.  These may
               not vary from frame to frame.

          U, V relate pixel values p in the file to user function val-
               ues f by

               p = u + f/2**v.

               normally 0;  1 if U, V, PMIN, PMAX of first frame give
               a bound on the data in the entire file.

          PMIN, PMAX
               limits of the data; only used when FIXUV=1.

          and finally a 16-byte ascii representation of a floating
          point value:

          TIME is a frame index, typically set to simulated time or to
               an iteration counter.  This need not be uniformly
               spaced from frame to frame, but should be nondecreas-

          Any pixel value less than -32766 is treated as an `out of
          bounds' marker and is not displayed.  Other pixel values lie
          in the range [-32765,32765].

          view2d(1), view2d(3)