TTYS(5)                                                   TTYS(5)

          ttys - terminal initialization data

          The ttys file is read by the init program and specifies
          which terminal special files are to have a process created
          for them which will allow people to log in.  It contains one
          line per special file.

          The first character of a line is either `0' or `1'; the for-
          mer causes the line to be ignored, the latter causes it to
          be effective.  The second character is used as an argument
          to getty(8), which performs such tasks as baud-rate recogni-
          tion, reading the login name, and calling login(8). For nor-
          mal lines, the character is `0'; other characters can be
          used, for example, with hard-wired terminals where speed
          recognition is unnecessary or which have special character-
          istics.  (Getty will have to be fixed in such cases.)  The
          remainder of the line is the terminal's entry in the device
          directory, /dev.


          init(8), getty(8), login(8)