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     FSTAB(5)                                                 FSTAB(5)

          fstab - static information about the filesystems

          #include <fstab.h>

          The file /etc/fstab contains descriptive information about
          the various file systems.  /etc/fstab is only read by pro-
          grams, and not written; it is the duty of the system admin-
          istrator to properly create and maintain this file.

          These programs use /etc/fstab: dump, mount, umount, swapon,
          fsck and df. The order of records in /etc/fstab is impor-
          tant; fsck, mount, and umount depend on it.

          The special file name is the block special file name, and
          not the character special file name.  If a program needs the
          character special file name, the program must create it by
          inserting an `r' after the last `/' in the special file

          #define FSTAB                  "/etc/fstab"
          #define FSNMLG                 16

          #define FSTABFMT    "%16s:%16s:%2s:%d:%d\n"
          #define FSTABARG(p) (p)->fs_spec, (p)->fs_file, \
                              (p)->fs_type, &(p)->fs_freq, &(p)->fs_passno
          #define FSTABNARGS  5

          #define FSTAB_RW    "rw"       /* read write device */
          #define FSTAB_RO    "ro"       /* read only device */
          #define FSTAB_SW    "sw"       /* swap device */
          #define FSTAB_XX    "xx"       /* ignore totally */

          struct fstab {
                  char  fs_spec[FSNMLG]; /* block special device name */
                  char  fs_file[FSNMLG]; /* file system path prefix */
                  char  fs_type[3];      /* rw,ro,sw or xx */
                  int   fs_freq;         /* dump frequency, in days */
                  int   fs_passno;       /* pass number on parallel dump */

          The proper way to read records from /etc/fstab is to use the
          routines getfsent(), getfsspec() or getfsfile().


     FSTAB(5)                                                 FSTAB(5)