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     DIR(5)                                                     DIR(5)

          dir - format of directories

          #include <sys/types.h>
          #include <sys/dir.h>

          A directory behaves exactly like an ordinary file, save that
          no user may write into a directory.  The fact that a file is
          a directory is indicated by a bit in the flag word of its
          i-node entry; see filsys(5). The structure of a directory
          entry as given in the include file is:

               #ifndef DIRSIZ
               #define DIRSIZ    14
               struct  direct
                       ino_t     d_ino;
                       char      d_name[DIRSIZ];

          By convention, the first two entries in each directory are
          for `.' and `..'.  The first is an entry for the directory
          itself.  The second is for the parent directory.  The mean-
          ing of `..' is modified for the root directory of the master
          file system (`/'), where `..' has the same meaning as `.'.

          filsys(5), directory(3)