CONS(4)                       (VAX)                       CONS(4)

          cons - console interface

          The console is available to the processor through the
          console registers.  It acts like a normal terminal, except
          that when the local functions are not disabled, control-P
          puts the console in local console mode (where the prompt is
          `>>>').  On an 11/780, you can return to the conversational
          mode by `SE T P' if the processor is still running or
          `CONTINUE' if it is halted.  On an 11/750, control-P always
          halts the processor; `C' will recover.

          If you hit the break key on an 11/780 console, the console
          may go into ODT (console debugger mode).  Hit a `P' to get
          out of this mode.

          With the above provisos the console works like any other


          ttyld(4), reboot(8)