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     MKTEMP(3)                                               MKTEMP(3)

          mktemp, tmpnam - make a unique file name

          char *mktemp(template)
          char *template;

          #include <stdio.h>

          char *tmpnam(s)
          char s[L_tmpnam];

          Mktemp replaces template by a unique file name, and returns
          the address of the template.  The template should look like
          a file name with six trailing X's, which will be replaced
          with the current process id and a unique letter.

          Tmpnam places in the string pointed to by s a unique file
          name referring to a standard directory for temporary files
          (/tmp) and returns s. If s is 0, tmpnam returns the address
          of a fixed internal buffer that contains the name.  (Note:
          it is bad form to leave files in the temporary directory.)

          getuid(2) for getpid

          Tmpnam should not be tied to stdio(3).