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     GETPWENT(3)                                           GETPWENT(3)

          getpw, getpwent, getpwuid, getpwnam, setpwent, endpwent,
          pwdecode - get password file entry

          getpw(uid, buf)
          char *buf;

          #include <pwd.h>

          struct passwd *getpwent()

          struct passwd *getpwuid(uid) int uid;

          struct passwd *getpwnam(name) char *name;

          int setpwent()

          int endpwent()

          struct passwd *pwdecode(p) char *p;

          Getpw searches the password file for the (numerical) uid and
          fills in buf with a corresponding line.  The line is null-

          Getpwent, getpwuid and getpwnam each return a pointer to an
          object with the following structure containing the broken-
          out fields of a line in the password file.