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     DIALOUT(3)                                             DIALOUT(3)

          dialout - place call on ACU

          dialout(class, telno)
          char *class, *telno;

          Dialout searches for an automatic calling unit of the appro-
          priate service class and places a data call on the associ-
          ated line, using the given telephone number.  If successful,
          it returns an open file descriptor for the line.  The file
          is in raw mode, and has exclusive-use and hangup-on-close
          modes set.  It returns -1 if all ACUs of the given class are
          busy, -3 if carrier could not be set, and -9 if the service
          class is unidentifiable.

          The routine consults a data file /etc/aculist that consists
          of lines containing six blank- or tab-separated fields.

          service class
                  Each line with a service class matching the one
                  specified is tried in turn until an unoccupied one
                  is found.  Service classes may be used used to spec-
                  ify a switching system (e.g. Dimension or Centrex)
                  and speed rate.

          file    The file name of the associated special file for the
                  telephone line.

          acu     The file name of the associated ACU.  If specified
                  as none, no ACU is used and the telephone number is
                  ignored.  This is for hardwired connections.

          speed   The bit rate of the interface, chosen from the num-
                  bers given in ttyld(4).

          prefix  A string to be prefixed to the number.  This is
                  handy for shared ACUs in which the first digit spec-
                  ifies a line.  The prefix - is taken to be an empty

          postfix A string to be postfixed to the number to be
                  dialled.  Some ACUs require an `end of number' code;
                  it should be specified here.



     DIALOUT(3)                                             DIALOUT(3)

          ttyld(4), dn(4), cu(1)