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     MKNOD(2)                                                 MKNOD(2)

          mknod - make a directory or a special file

          mknod(name, mode, addr)
          char *name;

          Mknod creates a new file whose name is the null-terminated
          string pointed to by name. The mode of the new file (includ-
          ing directory and special file bits) is initialized from
          mode. (The protection part of the mode is modified by the
          process's mode mask; see umask(2)). The first block pointer
          of the i-node is initialized from addr. For ordinary files
          and directories addr is normally zero.  In the case of a
          special file, addr specifies which special file.

          Mknod may be invoked only by the super-user.

          mkdir(1), mknod(1), filsys(5)

          Zero is returned if the file has been made; -1 if the file
          already exists or if the user is not the super-user.