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     DEPRECATED(2)                                       DEPRECATED(2)

          setpgrp, vfork, vadvise, vlimit, vswapon - system calls to
          be avoided

          setpgrp(pid, pgrp)

          int getpgrp(pid)

          int vfork()


          int vlimit(what, limit)

          char *special;

          These calls are hangovers from the Berkeley version of the
          system.  Some exist only for system maintenance purposes;
          some depend on the virtual memory implementation.  None
          should be used except as a last resort.  Most are not
          included in /lib/libc.a.

          Setpgrp sets the process group number for process pid to
          pgrp; getpgrp returns the process group.

          Vfork is a peculiar variant of fork in which the child bor-
          rows the parent's address space until exec or exit. The
          intent is to avoid copying a large address space.

          Vadvise gives the virtual memory system hints about the pag-
          ing behaviour of the current process.

          Vlimit sets various resource limits, such as the amount of
          memory allowed for text and data, and the maximum size of
          core images.

          Vswapon adds the block device special to the pool of swap
          space.  The device must be listed in a table compiled into
          the kernel; vswapon merely enables it.

          See the Berkeley manual for more information about these