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     TSET(1)                                                   TSET(1)

          tset - set terminal modes

          tset [ options ] [ -m test:type ] ... [ type ]

          Tset conditionally sets erase and kill characters, tabs,
          delays, etc.  for terminals.  It is typically used in
          startup profiles; see sh(1). In default of a specified ter-
          minal type (listed in the file `/etc/termcap') the type is
          taken from the environment variable TERM.  Option -m deter-
          mines the type based on source and baud rate:

               -m [source][>baud]:type

          No sources are distinguished at present.  The test `>' may
          be replaced by `<', `=', or `@' (same as `=').  The test may
          be preceded by `!' for negation.  A type may be preceded by
          `?' to cause tset to query whether the guess is right.
          Tests are performed left-to-right until one is satisfied.  A
          final default type prevails when all tests fail.  Thus

               tset -m  '>1200:5620'  '?hp'

          assumes the terminal is a 5620 if the line speed exceeds
          1200 baud.  Otherwise it assumes an hp terminal but asks for
          confirmation, giving you a chance to name another type.

          The -s option causes tset to place on the standard output
          shell commands for setting the environment variables TERM
          and TERMCAP.  Use this feature thus:

               eval `tset -s options...`

          On terminals that can backspace but not overstrike and when
          the erase character is the default erase character (`#' on
          standard systems), the erase character is changed to a
          Control-H (backspace).

          Other options are:

          -e c set the erase character to c, or backspace if c is

          -k c set the kill character similarly; use ^X if c is miss-

          -I   supress outputting terminal initialization strings

     TSET(1)                                                   TSET(1)

          -Q   supress printing `Erase set to' and `Kill set to' mes-

          -S   Outputs TERM and TERMCAP in the environment rather than
               in shell commands

          /etc/ttytype  terminal id to type map database
          /etc/termcap  terminal capability database

          sh(1), stty(1), environ(5), termcap(5)