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     TIME(1)                                                   TIME(1)

          time - time a command

          time [ -usrtdmfio ] [ -v ] command

          The given command is executed; after it is complete, time
          reports statistics about the program on its standard error
          output.  The statistics printed are controlled by the
          options; the default is -usr and -v reports everything.  The
          statistics are:

          u    User cpu time consumed by the command

          s    System cpu time attributed to the command

          r    Real (clock) time taken by the command

          t    Average resident text size, in Kb.

          d    Average resident data size, in Kb.

          m    Maximum total resident size, in Kb.

          f    Number of page faults resulting in disk i/o.

          i    Number of disk blocks read.

          o    Number of disk blocks written.

          After the statistics, time prints a tab and the command, up
          to the fifth argument.  Times are reported in seconds.

          Elapsed time is accurate to the second, while the CPU times
          are measured to the 60th second.  Thus the sum of the CPU
          times can be up to a second larger than the elapsed time.