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     TELNET(1)                  (research)                   TELNET(1)

          telnet - user interface to the telnet protocol

          telnet [ host [ port ] ]

          Telnet communicates with another host using the TELNET pro-
          tocol.  If telnet is invoked without arguments, it prompts
          `telnet>'.  In this mode it accepts the commands listed
          below.  If it is invoked with arguments, it performs an open
          command (see below) with those arguments.

          Once a connection has been opened, telnet sends typed text
          to the remote host.  To issue telnet commands when in input
          mode, precede them with the telnet escape character, ini-
          tially control-].

          The following commands are available.  Only a unique prefix
          of the command need be typed.

          open host [ port ]
               Open a connection to the named host.  A missing port
               number defaults to a TELNET server.  The host may be a
               host name or an Internet address specified in the `dot

               Close a TELNET session and return to command mode.

          quit Close any open TELNET session and exit telnet.

          escape [ escape-char ]
               Set the telnet escape character.  Control characters
               may be specified as `^' followed by a single letter.

               Show the current status of telnet.

               Toggle viewing of TELNET options processing.  When
               viewing is on, all TELNET option negotiations will be
               displayed.  Options sent by telnet are displayed as
               SENT, options received as RCVD.

               Toggle carriage return mode.  When this mode is on,
               carriage return characters received from the remote
               host map into a carriage return and a line feed.

     TELNET(1)                  (research)                   TELNET(1)

          ? [ command ]
               Get help.  With no arguments, print a help summary.
               With a command is specified, print information about
               that command only.


          dcon(1), netstat(8)