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     ROPY(1)                    (research)                     ROPY(1)

          ropy - remote file copy for arpa internet

          /usr/inet/bin/ropy file1 file2
          /usr/inet/bin/ropy [ -r ] file ... directory

          Ropy copies files between machines over an ARPA internet
          connection.  Each non-option argument is either a remote
          file name of the form `rhost:path', or a local path name.
          In the first form ropy copies file1 to file2. In the second
          form it copies one or more files into the named directory
          with their original file-names.

          Option -r causes ropy to copy the contents of any named
          directory recursively; the destination must be a directory.

          If path is not a full path name, it is interpreted relative
          to your login directory on the remote machine.

          Ropy requires rsh capability; see dcon(1).


          push(1), cp(1), dcon(1), netstat(8)

          Ropy works by remotely executing the command rcp (sic);
          hence your .profile on the remote machine must arrange for
          the command rcp to invoke /usr/inet/bin/rcp, not