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     RANLIB(1)                                               RANLIB(1)

          ranlib - convert archives to random libraries

          ranlib archive ...

          Ranlib converts each archive to a form which can be loaded
          more rapidly by the loader, by adding a table of contents
          named `__.SYMDEF' to the beginning of the archive.  It uses
          ar(1) to reconstruct the archive, so that sufficient tempo-
          rary file space must be available in the file system con-
          taining the current directory.

          ld(1), ar(1), lorder(1)

          Because generation of a library by ar and randomization by
          ranlib are separate, phase errors are possible.  The loader
          ld warns when the modification date of a library is more
          recent than the creation of its dictionary; but this means
          you get the warning even if you only copy the library.