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     PROF(1)                                                   PROF(1)

          prof - display profile data

          prof [ option ] ...  [ a.out [ mon.out ... ] ]

          Prof interprets files produced by monitor(3) or the -p
          option of cc, f77, or pascal(1). The symbol table in the
          named object file (`a.out' by default) is read and corre-
          lated with the profile file (`mon.out' by default).  For
          each external symbol, the percentage of time spent executing
          between that symbol and the next is printed (in decreasing
          order), together with the number of times that routine was
          called and the number of milliseconds per call.  If more
          than one profile file is specified, the output represents
          the sum of the profiles.

          Call counts are tallied for subroutines compiled under
          option -p, which also causes a profile file to be produced

          Options are:

          -a   report all symbols, not just external symbols.

          -l   sort the output by symbol value

          -n    sort the output by number of calls

          -s   produce a summary profile file in mon.sum

          -v -low -high
               produce a graphic profile on the standard output for
               display by the plot(1) filters; optional numbers low
               and high, by default 0 and 100, select a percentage of
               the profile to be plotted

          -z   include routines with zero usage in the output

          mon.out  for profile
          a.out    for namelist
          mon.sum  for summary profile

          monitor(3), profil(2), cc(1), plot(1)

          Beware of quantization errors.

     PROF(1)                                                   PROF(1)

          Prof is confused by f77 which puts the entry points at the
          bottom of subroutines and functions.